RDV is one of the largest cattle data networks in Europe. More than 54,000 farmers and livestock breeders from Germany and Austria with more than 2 million registered and living cows rely daily on the database solutions by RDV.

Originally designed for cattle breeders, the database quickly developed into applications for modern herd management, dairy businesses, animal health services and livestock breeding while centrally acquiring, saving and evaluating data.

RDV is sustained by its member organizations and develops databases and software solutions for them. Originally a Bavarian and Austrian initiative, RDV solutions are now also used by farmers from Baden-Wuerttemberg and Schleswig-Holstein. In Germany, RDV is integrated into the Dairy Health Improvement Associations (LKV) of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria and Schleswig-Holstein. Austria is represented by the Central Association for Austrian Livestock Breeding (ZAR). One of the main challenges is the on-going and process-accompanying development and adaptation of RDV applications to the changing demands of the IT market and users’ needs.

This is what makes RDV a dynamic service provider for dairy cattle holders and an indispensable part of performance and quality control in milk and meat production while considering the welfare of man and animal.