The partner organizations of RDV provide voluntary health monitoring of dairy cattle herds in cooperation with veterinarians. All veterinary results and observations by the farmer are linked with the data of milk performance tests. By using the online application RDV-4-T veterinaries have the evaluated data of each individual business at hand.

Farmers have access to RDV-4-M instead of RDV-4-T using an efficient herd management for animal health.

Tierarzt im Beratungsgespräch

RDV-4-T is an indispensable tool for integrated veterinary services to produce healthy foods in accordance with animal welfare. Experts from RDV and the Federal Chamber of Practicing Veterinarians developed the program. Increased prevention helps avoid diseases and reduces the use of veterinary drugs.

Analog zu RDV-4-T steht den Landwirten die online Anwendung RDV-4-M zur Verfügung, um über ein effizientes Herdenmanagement die Tiergesundheit im Auge zu behalten.