Mobile applications make it possible to acquire data right behind the cow quickly and easily using a mobile phone or tablet thus reducing effort, minimizing errors and increasing productivity. RDV offers a broad variety of tools to assist dairy farmers in managing their businesses and herds.

Employees in breeding and consulting use RDV-apps for their work in the corral more and more.

Data synchronization happens via mobile network or a local WLAN. Connection to a computer is not necessary.


The App as companion to the familiar internet application for use by the farmer in the corral. It provides instantanious access for current cow data. To do lists are digitally available in the corral. Observations and inseminations can be registered at the cow.

The following data can be gathered and retrieved for each animal:

  • genealogy data

  • milk test results

  • insemination, gestation diagnosis, dry-off treatment

  • diseases

Displays different activities for individual animals:

  • heat detection

  • insemination

  • gestation diagnosis

  • dry-off treatment

  • calving

  • conspicuous animals (performance fluctuations, inseminations, somatic cell count, quotient of fat and protein)

MATING APP (Bavaria)

Mating consultants of the LKV Bavaria can gather weaknesses and deficits in type and desired improvements. Program OptiBull uses this data for the choice of an appropriate mating bull.

GZP-APP (Bavaria)

For consultants in cattle breeding to gather data for classification of cows:

  • selective mating within each breed

  • (together with the Bavarian Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forests)

  • only for specialized consultants of the Free State of Bavaria

  • classification of the animals

  • selection of bull mothers

ZVB-MOBIL (Austria)

ZVB-Mobil is a mobile program for consultants of breeding associations.

The following areas are covered:

  • evaluation of type

  • classification

  • selection of bull mothers and selective mating

For this, the whole stored data of the animals is available on the mobile device – even offline. Filters for regions and breeds facilitate an easy overview. A high performance search engine for animals displays the desired details in a split second.