Information and online data acquisition tool for optimal and sustainable business planning as well as information tool for consultants and veterinarians. Dairy cattle farmers always have access to individual data of their animals, alive and gone. Monthly reports and a qualified annual report give a broad overview about the performance of the herd.


Holds and sorts all data of monthly milk samples making it easy to identify conspicuous animals, generate documentations of inseminations, of to-do lists and task plans.

Infografik Betrieb

  • data of monthly milk samples (for each cow)

  • Identification of conspicuous animals

  • breeding values of young animals and cows

  • recording of actions and observations

  • creation of weekly plans

  • recording of inseminations (inseminator of own stock)


A comprehensive electronic corral log with all information regarding individual animals. Lists everything from individual milk test results to veterinary results.

Information regarding individual animals

  • geneaolgy

  • calvings and inseminations

  • 305-days-performances / overall and partial lactation performances

actions and observations:

  • inseminations

  • observations (e. g. heat)

  • calvings

  • results of monthly milk samples

  • examinations

  • diagnoses of the veterinarian

Printout of sheets of the breeding book

  • information about father and mother

  • mean lactation performance

  • mean performance during life / performance during life

  • breeding value

  • 305-days-performance / performance per year

  • calvings

Printout of sheets of the breeding book

Infografik Zuchtblatt


Overview of the health status of individual cows and the complete herd for herd managers. Udder health, fertility and metabolism are evaluated making problems transparent. Acquisition and evaluation of veterinary results and farmers’ observations.

Infografik Tierliste

#Animal list displayed with traffic light color coding (thresholds preset)

  • udder health

  • fertility

  • quotient of fat and protein

  • urea

  • performance

Deficits are visible at a glance:

To-do lists animal health (conspicuous animals identified based on milk recording data and diagnoses and displayed in the corresponding lists)

Infografik Tierliste

  • udder health / fertility – which animals have problems?

  • cows with metabolic diseases are displayed

  • drying off – animals to dry off displayed with udder health status


Analysis of duration between inseminations pinpoints deficits indices of fertility in days:

  • comparison of the values of the farm with the average of the population and information about the ideal values

additional indicators: - days between calving and first service, days open, first insemination index, non return-rate, age at first calving, no heat after 60 days

Animal health herd

Infografik Tiergesundheit

  • overview of the diagnoses on the farm

  • most frequent diagnoses

Udder health

Dry cows at a glance:

  • has the udder recovered during drying off?

  • are there new infections?

  • comparison of diagnoses with population – how well-off is my farm?

  • somatic cell count trend – how has the udder health developed?

Infografik Tiergesundheit


Graphical analyses for a quick overview.

  • selection of year of testing and date of milk sample

Graphical analyses for:

  • somatic cell count (conspicuous animals at a specific point in time)

  • urea / protein (weaknesses in feeding can be identified)

  • protein content of the milk as a function of milk yield

  • quotient of fat and protein as a function of milk yield

  • quotient of fat and protein as a function of day in milk

  • content of fat as a function of day in milk